Get Sissy Exposed!

Expose a sissy

Everyone knows that if you crave sissy exposure you want to get exposed on This is your chance to do just that! Doing so will not only get you posted on the website but we’ll also tweet you out to our 4k+ followers! Ready? Let’s begin!

Steps to Get Exposed

  1. Send a tribute.
  2. Submit your stuff.
  3. Get exposed!

Step 1: Send a Tribute

Send a tribute using one of the methods below:

Cash App: $GJCM

Gift Card: Send via Amazon to or

Step 2: Submit Your Stuff

Submit your sissy pics, stories or whatever else you’d like using the submission form.

Sissy Tip: Mention at the bottom of your submission that you sent a tribute for even faster exposure! It will be deleted from your submission before it goes live 🙂

Step 3: You’re About to Be Exposed

Now it’s time to expose a sissy! Next your submission will get posted here on the website as soon as possible. Shortly afterwards your sissy post will get tweeted out to our 4k+ twitter followers to maximize your exposure.

That’s all there is to it! Free free to include any special requests along with your submission! Oh and anytime you’re craving more, just come back and do it again!

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