Sissy Melanie Never Learns

Sissy was caught playing with herself and had removed her plug. This new plug harness and chastity cage should fix that! No removing them anytime soon sissy!

Never thought he’d end up plugged and feminized

Never thought I would end up this far down the sissy rabbit hole. But here I am – long curls, thigh highs and a vibrating butt plug. Since embracing my sissy nature, I find I am less tightly wound and more secure with myself. No …

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Grab your dildos, vibrators and butt plugs sissy boys, mistress has a slut training session going on right now! Watch me and copy everything I do with my toys. Let’s see if you can keep up slut!

UK Sissy Dani

Hi I’m danni . I’m a limp dicked anal whore . I’m in chastity and plugged 24/7 . I love stretching out my sissy pussy with huge toys and plugs . The bigger my hole gets the smaller my clitty is getting. I can no …