50 thoughts on “Add Yourself to the Sissy Wall of Shame

  1. I’m sissy paula423, 24, I love to obey and need a push/be forced into more exposure omg..
    I’m a little shy by myself

      1. And Jared I am sorry I turned you down customer I was happy married and you was heart broken and twisted the hole thing around on me. But hey I think you got potential to be a tiny,Limp, clit, sissy and get to sick all the big Cock that you miss getting to have while you was in jail or prison witch ever it was. Can I get everyone to give Jared Luke’s a big hand and lost of support in his finally coming out as the sad, lonely, pathetic little Sissy loser boy that he is. Yayyy.

  2. Hello I’m your sissy boi Janey. I’m adding myself to the wall and I am submitting to you Goddess!!!!

  3. I really love being a sissy feminine girl! I’m very submissive! I would love to have a femdom transform me into the sissy feminine girl slut that I want to be. I love wearing feminine clothing and high heels and wigs and jewelry and lots of makeup too! My sissy feminine girl name is Marcy!

  4. Hallo zusammen, ich bin Jenny TV, ich bin ne kleinschwanz fickversager bitch, die jeder in alle Löcher ficken darf.
    Küsschen an auch und auf euren prachtkerl

  5. I love to look soft and girly
    I was never a real Man
    I love being exposed as a Sissy
    I am 100% a Sissy bottom

  6. 1:27 A.M, Oct 17 2021 Day 31 of Sissy cycle 62, Sissy Intensity 245 and out of control. This sissy wave could really go on indefinity, oh ya, just saying the intesity of these intermitent and unknown intensitys are so overwhelming and that why I passed down and into the rabbit lair a long ways back. I am past that point of no return and delude my former self into thinking it has a chance of making any noticable cum back. His worthless little dick barley gets erect and then maybe 4”. Kram is kept around to work. No liesure time for it as Sissy time is become so meaningfull to me Mmarsha hmm seems so fullfilling not dreaming anymore.

    Thats where I am at!

    1. Jan 2 2021, Day4, Sissy Cycle 71, SI 275: Yes very intense

      Jan 1 2021, Day3, Sissy Cycle 71, SI 275: Ok so way we go again the sissy intensity is so fucking high!This sissy wave will go on and on, I am so sure this time! Its now three years almost since I slipped down the rabbit hole. I have purged/quit being a sissy at least 71 times probably more in the past 2 plus years. If I do finally leave the sissy world it will take a miracle.

  7. Hey everyone I’m sissy Nikki (Ronnie)
    I want to submit my self complety and expose myself as sissy

  8. Hi I don’t have a sissy name yet but I’m about to be turned out to be a sissy! so i figured id just get in on the hall of shame now, I’m already a top contend ant at sytd.com with my one to two inch Weiner! So go ahead and expose me as a sissy cocksucker, I’ve never done that before but I’m sure there’s lots in my future

  9. I’m Bunty and I’m a total sissy, and I always was one, from the earliest times that I can remember. I was always so jealous of my sisters, who go to wear things that I so wanted to be able to go out in, so that boys and men would look at me the way that they looked at them. Even more than that, my sisters were always forgiven for being bratty, because all they had to do was flirt with my Daddy, who was always mean to me for being a sissy, even though that didn’t stop him from touching me, which I liked a lot, because it was the only time that he was nice to me. Other times he beat me because I was so soft and cowardly, and hated not being allowed to stay home with Mummy and learn to do the things that girls need to know. When my stolen panty stash was discovered, Mummy was nice and said she understood, but Daddy was just mean and tried to make me join sports clubs where I would have to be naked in the showers with big boys, who would see my tiny peepee and laugh at me.
    My peepee is still tiny and soft, and I like it because it looks nice and small in my panties, which I wear all the time, now. The only thng that has changed is that I like it , now, when men know that I like them in a naughty way.

  10. I’m still the sissy faggot cocksucker I’ve always been except now I’ve been exposed sucking cock and dildos. Even to the point of having my sissy cunt exposed on various sissy-exposure sites while locked away in a chastity cage. Being pussy-free is no longer a dream for this sissy.

  11. I’m ashley and I’m a submissive slut sissy that needs to be humiliated and posted all over the Internet for everyone to know how slutty i am

  12. I’m a sissy leather slut. I need to go up on the wall of shame. I wear women’s leather pants, women’s leather corset, shove a 12 inch dildo up my ass and fuck pillows

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