Becoming a feminine sissy girly girl

Becoming a feminine sissy girly girl

I want to be a feminine girly sissy so badly. I want to see the changes taking hold. My mannerisms and my little sissy brain are becoming more noticeably feminine.

My normal clothes

I want to wear my normal clothes (women’s) every chance I get. I want to put on my pretty dresses or match up a cute short shorts and a top or slacks and a blouse. I wanna feel my little chastity cage pressing against my legs under my panties. I want to work harder on my makeup and further feminization of my features.

My big pink dildo

Sissy Madison with her size queen dildo

I love having my big pink size queen dildo shoved down my throat and I’m getting better at deep throating it. I have started training my little boy pussy and cannot wait to penetrate it with a toy until I orgasm like a true sissy locked in chastity getting her boy pussy fucked.

Accepting femininity

I am girly and feminine, I think like a female, I know that I am a sissy, I accept that I am a submissive sissy slave owned by you. I can feel all these barriers breaking down piece by piece.

This is sex to me now

Your training, conditioning and reprogramming are sex to me. Your sissy training is what I need and crave. Your forced feminization and sissification are taking control deeply. I need them to continue even when I resist.

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