Big Balls are so tasty to Denver Shoemaker

Big manly ball bags are so hot and tasty! Whenever I have a stud over to my place I can’t resist licking and sucking on those fat nuts like a slut before going to town on his slab of rock hard man meat. There’s something so naughty about looking into his eyes with a mouthful of his balls. It like totally makes me feel so submissive and like I’m taking my place as his personal suck slut.

– Denver Shoemaker from Ocean Pines, MD

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One thought on “Big Balls are so tasty to Denver Shoemaker

  1. When real men make me suck on thier big huge giant scary ball sacks and big balls and tongue thier hairy sweaty assholes it makes me feel manly my ex girlfriend says it should make me feel like a man to do it since I can’t be manly any other way she says so at least I should feel manly doing that she says ?

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