Born This Way: I’m a flaming gay sissy bottom boy

I am a flaming gay sissy bottom boy

I thought I was born a heterosexual until I noticed every friend I had growing up was 10 times my dick size. Then I watched a gay male porn and noticed every man had a much larger penis than I did too.

Years later I got a chance with some girls and when they got to me and saw my 3/4″ clitty they all laughed hysterically and degraded me by asking if a man stole my dick or if I was born with such a tiny clitty.

I knew I was useless to females so I began flirting with my gay neighbors and on my birthday the gay black guy fucked me good. That began my first gay relationship.

I noticed I was very desirable to gay men who wanted to fuck a flaming gay sissy boi and I loved the extra special treatment men gave me, so I finally accepted the fact I was born this way.

It feels like I was destined to be a personal fuck toy and a cum dumpster to all males who chose to fuck me. Now I absolutely LOVE my tiny limp clit!

Femdom for Sissy

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