Denver Shoemaker craves big dick daddy between his buns

I am Denver Shoemaker and it is so true. My bussy craves big daddy dick practically all the time now. I’m at the point where I’ll do anything to tease and turn a man on, so he’ll bring me that big hot daddy dick to enjoy.

Usually showing off my jiggly thong cheeks does the trick and then I just open up my mouth for their big fat dick. After sucking on it until they’re raging hard and horny, that’s when I start begging them to bone me.

It’s so hot having a big dick daddy slamming it hard and deep between my sissy cheeks until he makes me have a sissygasm. Usually I’ll be begging like I’m in heat for him to breed me then I just start screaming & creaming.

Feeling a big dick daddy pumping his load right into my sissy pussy drives me wild!

Femdom for Sissy

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