Enduring bedtime sissification and emasculation

The helpless and weak feeling I have from knowing I must obey is hot. You picking out or telling me what I must wear to bed now, is a mind fuck. I was not expecting to wear panties and a dress to bed. You made me gasp and twitch and of course spiral deeper down the sissy rabbit hole.

Knowing I had to pull out a dress and sleep in it was totally emasculating. I mean panties and pantyhose were more than emasculating but a dress and panties and waking up, essentially dressed was a total shock to even think about let alone experience.

Feeling total emasculation

I couldn’t help but think about the total emasculation of wearing sandals too. Slipping under the covers fully dressed as a girl and helpless seemed like a thrill. So I picked out my cute, short, white and coral gingham spaghetti strap jumper dress and slipped it over my head and pulled it down over my panty-covered sissy clit.

I was wearing navy blue and bright teal lace trimmed, thong panties already. After that I sat on the edge of the bed, feeling weak and yet so girly. I slid my feet into my adorbs, black, flat banded ankle strap sandals and buckled the strap.

Spiraling down the sissy rabbit hole

I was spiraling as I laid down and felt the fabric of the dress stretch and move against my body and panties. My sandal wrapped feet moved from within the sandals as I wiggled into bed to take my required pic. I felt completely emasculated and owned and fucked.

In bed wearing a Gingham dress and cute black sandals

I felt like the slave I am and the fucked sissy trans I am slowly becoming. I snapped the photo and then one more before turning off the lights and spiraling into the sissy rabbit hole and dreams.

Waking up twitching like a bitch

I woke several times to find myself twitching and aching to be girly more and more. The thrill of being fully dressed was overwhelming. I kept peeking under the covers to see my dress hemline and feet in my sandals.

My clit was struggling to get hard as it is becoming limper by the day. It was dripping pre-cum in my lacy thong panties too! I rubbed it over my panties and dress like girl would and felt so right. It made me twitch and tremble at how easily I could think about being girly and accepting this as my new normal.

Waking up in Sissy Land

I woke up this morning unable to think of anything else but how HOT it felt to see myself in a dress and panties and sandals to start the day. I didn’t want to strip them off but unfortunately I had to. The panties stayed on even as they were damp with pre-cum. I left the cute dress and sandals on the floor.

It looked like it has been a girlfriend who had slept with me last night as a real man, but nope! No girlfriend at all and no girl staying here either. The dress on the floor and girly sandals are mine! Seeing them on the floor confirmed yet again that I’m a sissification and emasculation craving sissy slave.

There’s nothing quite like coming home to a pretty dress and cute girly sandals next to your bed, knowing they’re your own.

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