Forced feminization is what I crave by Sissy Marky aka Madison

I’m Sissy Marky aka Madison and I’ve always wanted to be forced feminized. It was something that I found extremely thrilling. To have a woman completely strip away all signs of masculinity, mentally and physically, seemed so humiliating.

Since I couldn’t please women, I felt I need to give up trying and felt so weak. The ultimate emasculation was to have a woman laugh at me and mock me for being so weak and pathetic. Then having her make me dress up like a girl in front of her so she could laugh at me was super intoxicating.

At first I began to fantasize about a woman picking out cute girly outfits for me to wear. I had begun looking at BDSM porn but didn’t find the thrill of a leather or latex clad woman beating me enticing.

I was attracted to female domination but always envisioned the woman wearing a soft sweet innocent looking sundress or a cute little denim short shorts are a little skirt and ballet flats or sandals or even sexy little wedges.

It was the idea of a feminine woman taking control and turning me into a submissive little sissy girly girl that she could laugh at and make fun of.

My Sissy Fantasy Continued to Grow

As my little fantasy progressed I started to see the super frilly and lacy and satin sissy dresses. They were beyond feminine and only weak minded little sissy boys would want to even fathom the idea of wearing one let alone having a hot young dominant woman make him wear one.

Couple the sissy dresses with a desire for a woman to make me wear a cute little sundress or outfit to match hers, the desire for total emasculation began. It was seeing the sissy dresses that sparked the idea of some age regression but also wanting to be made to look like a little girl.

There was so much shame and emasculation from that idea and that I would never ever be a woman or close to one. It was right then that I knew I wasn’t trying to be a woman or just a cross dresser, I really was a sissy and emasculated little fairy boy who craved humiliation.

Now that you own me my little fantasies are starting to become a reality. You have completely conditioned me and reprogrammed me. I am a sissy. I will always be a sissy. My life is that of humiliation, more feminization, emasculation, exposure and ultimately sucking more cock.

It is inevitable. You have made me accept that I exist only to worship cock. You have made me truly believe that I am worthless when it comes to sex with women. I have readily taken the vowed to never have sex with women again.

I have taken a vow to never be sexually attracted to women ever. You have conditioned me to only see women for their beauty and as role models for my further feminization.

Facing Reality

Now the reality of forced feminization is truly sinking in. Mentally, emotionally and even physically I can feel your reprogramming.

Every time I put on a girly dress I want to be more girly.

Every time I put on make up I want to put on more make up and do better.

Whenever I feminize I want more feminization.

Whenever I see pretty woman I instantly want to be girly and feminine. My movements and my poses for pictures and videos are starting to become more feminine. The way I speak is starting to become more feminine.

I’m spiraling harder and faster than ever before!

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