His cum felt amazing on my chastised clitty

He walked in, I messaged him before saying he needed to cum quick. He laid on the bed, I sucked him hard, listening to “oh my God, you’re amazing. It’s never felt this good” etc.

With my mouth on his cock, I asked, “Are you hard enough to fuck me yet?” He positioned me doggystyle then fucked me hard and fast a few minutes, he felt really good. Then “you’re so tight, I’m about to cum already.”

So I get him out, lay on my back and then he came all over my chastised clitty. After, I pat his balls, tell him good boy, and he leaves. You can find more of me FetLife, Des7209. I’m developing as a sissy, and want to be girly as possible, to please real men.

Femdom for Sissy

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