Julie’s Sissy is Now on the Wall of Shame!

Sissy Richard on the Wall of Shame

I am a submissive sissy that deserves to get put up on the Sissy Wall of Shame. Mistress Julie has ensured that I will stay a humiliated, tiny dick, cock sucking sissy. Please share this all over the internet so everyone knows I’m featured here on the wall of sissy shame.

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2 thoughts on “Julie’s Sissy is Now on the Wall of Shame!

  1. I would love more bikinis and tanning. Would love bikini lines wearing negligee servicing gay bars at night.

  2. Mistress Julie shaved my body put lipstick 💄and eye liner,had nails done ,locking collar and leash. Raincoat on top of the perfect fuckdoll. Taken to gay bar closed for a private party.
    There were 15 guys naked on viagra.
    Julie,joanne, Leah, Erica naked with Stravinsky around their waist.
    I was attached to a bench. My perfect fantasy.

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