Living the weak emasculated submissive sissy life

I am a real sissy. I am your weak, emasculated, submissive and effeminate sissy slave. There is no turning back for me now.

I used to only dress up a few times a week but now I find myself at the very minimum putting on cute little short shorts and a girly tee over my panties every day. And now I practice my makeup any chance that I get.

More reality struck me today as I stood trying on cute little tops with my new pants as I tried to put together a cute outfit. I slipped on ballet flats and sandals in different colors and tried each with a different top.

It just seemed so natural…

There wasn’t even a hesitation nor was there a naughty feeling. It just simply felt normal. Even as I took the make up into the bathroom to do, it just felt like part of my day.

I did twitch as I looked in the mirror and realized how feminized I looked. I twitched as I saw the pictures that I had taken. I am a girly sissy.

Feminization is my only desire now along with cock and further humiliation.

– Sissy Madison

Femdom for Sissy

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