Lottery winner turned into a sissy maid

I win a 100 million dollar lottery and buy a huge house. I hire a headmistress who takes care of the house and 5 maids. After treating the maids badly the headmistress looks for revenge.

Time for revenge

The headmistress has her brother come to the house. Also one of the maids has left for a different job. The brother overpowers me and puts me in bondage. I wake up and am covered in bandages.

Finally after being bandaged and subdued for a month the doctor shows up. He removes my bandages and I look in disbelief in the mirror. I look exactly like the maid that left. In walks this man and he looks exactly like the man I used to be.

With further drugs and mind control headmistress puts me in my place as a maid. I am given the name of the maid I now look like and even fit into all her uniforms and clothes. Headmistress brother takes his place as me and they both live a luxury life.

My new sissy maid lifestyle

All the other maids love seeing me trapped in my new body. I am forced to watch and serve as a submissive maid. Headmistress even has me perform blowjobs on her brother. How weird it is with my mouth full of cock looking up at my old face. Of course I am trained to finish and swallow all my masters cum without making a mess. Now I just am one of the maids under headmistress’s control.

Femdom for Sissy

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