Madison needs more feminization training

Madison needs more feminization training

I know that I need more feminization training and that I must submit to your power over me. My resistance and all of my little walls and barriers are slowly being broken. These were the safeguards that in my head allowed me to still maintain that I could be a man and I could stop.

Your training and reprogramming and conditioning over time have led deeper and further than I ever thought possible. The thoughts of having a mean girl completely feminize me and sissify me totally, were just simple fantasies.

My feminization fantasy comes true

Every so often there was a belief that I could find a woman like that but reality sets in. Then when you took interest in me all of those feelings began to rush in. A pretty woman was taking an interest in my sissy side.

Once it became evident that you really were serious and that you were taking control I felt that rush and thrill but also the shame and realization of what all of this means.

Giving in to my sissy desires

Giving you my name and my address along with pictures and videos and confessions proved that I truly needed to be controlled. I did not realize it at the time. The knowledge of what you possess and that you planned on turning me into a feminized and humiliated sissy slut… only makes me spiral deeper. It makes me submit further for you.

Now as I progress further I realize that I need stricter rules. Even though I will complain and cry and beg not to have them. I need to obey. I need to be feminized. Your thoughts that you implant become my thoughts as I move through my acceptance. The series of sissy hypnosis videos that I listen to are all about submission, addiction to being trained as a sissy, sissification, feminization, cocksucking, faggot training and sissy servitude.

I feel the changes and they grow stronger day by day. Changing the hormones in my brain, making me blank and mindless and ready for you to take further control.

Femdom for Sissy

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