New beginning: From married man to cuckold sissy maid

My marriage has become dull and mundane. I no longer can function sexually and have become a sissy. My wife knows I now crossdress and has begun helping me dress as a maid and do housework. I just love cleaning the house in my little uniform.

I have given my wife hints she should take a lover. I am trying to steer her toward my partner in business. He is very manly and always overpowers me in our business decisions. Having them hook up and become lovers would be great. He could move from his condo into our 4000 Sq ft house and take control. I would sign over my half of the business and house to my wife. Then I would be free to take my place as the maid my wife always wanted.

I would even announce on social media my dream to live as a maid. I know I would lose some friends. I also know some individuals who would find it very amusing. It would be so exciting serving as the maid in front of them. I am dressing more and more frequently and my wife is enjoying a clean house. I will continue to push her towards my partner. My next step is to set them up to go out together.

I really want this to happen. I can not wait to be employed as their maid in what used to be my home. I love being a sissy. Trapping myself as a obedient maid.

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One thought on “New beginning: From married man to cuckold sissy maid

  1. That sounds perfect, sweety. Good luck with the plan. It would be best to have her permanently lock your clitty in a cage, so that you have to use a dildo or vibrator in your pussy to have sissygasms when you hear her screaming in ecstasy as he give her what she needs, hard big cock. Even though we know that vaginas are disgusting, maybe she’ll make you lick her clean when she’s full of his superior alpha cum.
    In any case, best wishes on your plan to get the best possible life a sissy can dream of.

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