Prissy Sissy helpless in the hallway

My gf turns me into a girly sissy slut named Prissy almost daily! She makes me bounce up and down on a big dick dildo in my office while she visits with her girlfriends. I’m sure they hear me moaning?

But recently she made Priss go into the hallway of our building all sissied up with my toy dick in hand. We share the hallway with our gorgeous neighbor Stephanie, and it is very easy to hear noises from the hallway.

My gf made me pound my hole sitting on the stairs in front of Stephanie’s door, bouncing up and down and calling out Stephanie’s name! It was so humiliating! My gf laughed and laughed and I am sure Steph heard me begging her to come see and laugh too 😧

Stephanie never came out, but I can tell she heard me now when I talk to her and she has a smirk on her face. I’m so embarrassed 😩

Femdom for Sissy

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