Prissy sissy loves prancing around in dresses and panties

Your effeminate, emasculated, piggy prissy sissy slave with a tiny sissy dick, is going to be playing dress-up. I already am wearing much prettier panties. I love the feeling against my little clitty. For the moment I am prancing around in my pink cotton chemise with white lace trim. I have my dildo, my handcuffs, my ankle cuffs, and all of my pretty girly clothes just waiting for me.

My little tiny sissy dick is super hard in my panties at the thought of playing dress up. Feeling so vulnerable by telling you, a woman, how excited I am to play girly dress up only drives me further down the rabbit hole.

Cannot wait to pose pretty, submit to your whims and become even more sissified. Kisses and bows.

Femdom for Sissy

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