One thought on “My sissy ass is for men to use

  1. I have been transgender since a very young age I love it but I’ve had to live in the closet a lot of my life I’m what you would call a mature transsexual but I still have a nice slender feminine body and also I’ve taken hormones off and on over the years and I just started back about a week and a half ago I’m so excited my nipples are already getting sore and puffy I can’t wait to have my own boobs I look forward to getting to know people here and I would like to gain the attention of some of the mistresses as I come from being totally Bush as a guy because I got assaulted and had to stop for a while but now I’m so ready to come out and be the girl that I know I am and have always been inside I just need a little encouragement some enforcement and hopefully some platonic love from the community to help me be the girls at how long to be so bad so here I am I’m glad to be here

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