Sissy crossdresser works as a waitress in the club he used to own

I was the co-owner of a successful nightclub. I am a single sissy and crossdresser. My partner is a married woman I have known for years. I love dressing in the cocktail waitress’ uniforms as I am slim and they fit me well. I was caught by my partner while in the waitress outfit.

She told her husband and together they planned my demise. I was taken to their house and put in bondage. They searched my apartment and found all my women’s clothing. I was kept totally dressed in lingerie, pantyhose, bra with my falsies and 3″ pumps. My long hair put in curls and full makeup. Then I was filmed sucking my partner’s husband’s cock several times.

In the video you can see him orgasm as I swallow his cum. I was then blackmailed into signing over my half of the club to my partner. I also was told I would be required to work as one of the cocktail waitresses. Being in a erotic state of mind I submissively agreed.

I now live with my ex partner and her husband. I work in my old club dressed in the pink leotards with puffy sleeves, short black leather skirt, black pantyhose and 3″ pink pumps. The other waitresses were told I had always felt like a man trapped in a woman’s body and could take it no more. They have accepted me and with some slight facial surgery I am unrecognizable.

I now work as a cute cocktail waitress in the club I used to own.

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2 thoughts on “Sissy crossdresser works as a waitress in the club he used to own

  1. I hope this is a true story. I have wanted to work as a cocktail waitress and came so close. Really awesome how you were blackmailed and now are just a female employee. Your crossdressing sure changed your life. I just wish it was me.

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