Sissy fantasies are starting to creep to the surface

Sissy fantasies are starting to creep to the surface

The fantasies are starting to creep to the surface. You have brought so much to reality and I am forever grateful. I know that deep down I have always been a submissive, weak, pathetic sissy femboy. I know that my place is beneath women.

I have tried for so long to keep some of my sissy fantasies below the surface because I know that I at least could maintain some control. But now I can’t. I love love love being girly. I love wearing panties and buying new dresses and cute little short shorts, I love buying emasculating sissy dresses and tight. I love buying accessories and make up. I love buying sex toys and wigs.

I absolutely want to spend time as a little sissy girl… Wearing cute dresses, opaque tights and shiny Mary Janes. I totally need more cute sundresses, help picking out new short shorts and cute tops and blouses, skinny jeans and leggings, skirts so I can be a cute little college coed sissy girl.

I totally like want more sissy dresses. I want to be wearing ruffled satin panties with frilly completely emasculating sissy dresses. I totally want petticoats and stockings.

I need to continue my regular deep throat training with weekly progress checks as well! Omg Sissy Marky truly is becoming Sissy Madison and I can’t stop now!

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