Sissy training turned me into a feminized girly girl

Feminized Girly Girl Marky

Feminized sissy slave Mark is back again with more sissy cravings and confessions. I love what I am becoming! So I decided to make this public sissy confession to my goddess & trainer along with everyone else to laugh at. The humiliation makes my clitty weak and crave more.

My inner sissy girly girl is really starting to fully come out. I don’t recognize myself anymore. I feel so feminine almost always now. I really have to watch my mannerisms in public when I’m playing dress up as a boy too. The training and reprogramming are clearly working.

Now I love being a feminized sissy

I love wearing my pretty dresses now. I love shopping for cute outfits. I spend way too much time looking at how women put together their outfits and do their makeup for different occasions. I realize that there is no going back now. I realize that further feminization will continue to occur. I realize that this is what I need and admit it.

I have also grown fond of the thoughts of sucking off men yet again. Clearly one cock was not enough. I tremble at the realization that you set out a plan to make me gay for cock like a true sissy beta bitch.

Femdom for Sissy

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