Small Dicked Married Man Turned Sissy Cocksucker Wannabe

I am a small dicked married man who my wife refuses to give head and only wants sex twice a year. Since all this I can’t stop dressing in her clothes and feeling as though I should be out pleasing men with big dicks. My beautiful wife thinks that male cocksuckers are gross and thinks that any man wearing panties lingerie heels and wanting to be a woman is a useless pussy faggot.

I don’t know how to tell her cause she won’t listen and her husband wants to be her for a day or two and go out and suck as many cocks as I can and be gang fucked by a group of Asian men only to be interrupted by a group of Somalians who then laugh at my sissy state of being and they begin to fuck my boi pussyfoot and my mouth as I am left laying on the ground covered in cum and people laughing and yelling names at me out there windows!

Femdom for Sissy

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