Upside Down for Humiliation

Upside Down for Humiliation

First I experienced the humiliation of facing a woman and buying my panties. OMG it was so outrageous to do that. She took her time, held them up for anyone to see, folded them neatly, wrapped them up, and finally when I paid with cash she made sure I got every penny of my change. I was so embarrassed and worried I’d get caught.

What seemed strange at the time, was that when I got home to masturbate, I kept thinking about how embarrassing it was and how she just took her time as if she didn’t care if I was in a hurry. My masturbation habit had the fuel to burn for month and I relived it multiple times every day.

Today, I have to get upside down and cum in my own mouth in front of a woman to feel that the same level of erotic shame and excitement.

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