Crossdresser dreams about being a wifey

I have been a crossdresser my entire life. I love being a woman. Having a man take me and physical turn me into the woman he wants would be an answer to my dreams. To physically change my appearance and my mannerisms to match his desire. I would dress as he likes, eat what I am told and let him control my mind.

I will become infatuated with him and let myself fall in love with him. I want to be in his bed giving myself to him as a woman. My new body accepting him into my vagina as I feel his hot erect penis fill me up. To experience him filling me full of his warm semen.

And as I lay there with my legs spread out and him pounding me, I see my wedding ring on my finger. I am a loving housewife that is fucked regularly by her stud husband. What could be better than that.

Femdom for Sissy

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