Desperation: I’m willing to suck my ex-fiance’s hubby

Polka dot panties she wore when dumping me

It’s hard to admit but this is how desperate I am for my ex to take me back in some way. I’ve sunk to a whole new low. Now I am even willing to perform oral sex on her new husband if she’d take me back. I know she’s married but I just want to be her cuckold panty wearing sissy now. Just anything to be near her again. I’d sniff her butt hole, pretty much anything she wants at this point.

My dick is useless, I know this (look above and see for yourself) because Kristen dumped me for a bigger cock and I’m barely over 4 inches erect. So this is what has come of me. I almost married her and now I can’t stop humiliating myself in new ways trying to win back a spot in her new relationship. She won’t even friend zone me now that she found Josh and that big German sausage in his pants.

Is there anyone else out there as pathetic as me? I’m literally willing to suck her husband’s cock just for a chance to see her Italian ass cheeks in panties again. Yes even if they are the polka dot panties she wore the day she dumped me.

What’s wrong with me?! This is my real life.

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