Steve’s worthless little clitty dick

Steve Plouffe

Hey girls! What does everyone think about my clitty dick? It’s only 1/2 inch long when fully erect. Do you think I’m a man or would you cheat on me like a tiny dick cuckold?

Leave your comments below. Would love to hear what your first reaction was when seeing this miniature penis.

Steve Plouffe aka The California Clitty

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9 thoughts on “Steve’s worthless little clitty dick

  1. Hey this is Steve’s daughter, his entire family has viewed this. He must have a really bad meth problem. What an awesome platform to exist to solely showcase very sad and pathetic individuals who so clearly require major help. Good luck everyone! I hope this grants the humiliation of excitement Steve was looking for because I will never have anything to do with him and will make sure our family and future family have nothing to do with this sad pathetic drug addicted pervert!

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