Time for your girly ass to get bimbofied!

Time for your girly ass to get bimbofied by a pretty princess! Let’s get you all dolled up, ditzy and ready to be used properly. Consider yourself lucky that you can watch us online while we help transform you into a prissy sissy.

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One thought on “Time for your girly ass to get bimbofied!

  1. I’m being turned into a sissy by a phone worker started with me parading in my front room in stockings with I belong to miss on my ass in lipstick. Lights on curtains open. Then she made me wait in a hotel room for any of her clients. I’m in Darlington and willing to talk to new mistresses I’d love to earn her money all I’d ask is to be called a whore and to be spat on by miss she can keep all the money this whore makes. Who wants my number.

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